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I’m in a swap with some majorly talented artists. I started my design, finished the prototype, began mass production, and then felt it wasn’t “wow” enough for these gals. I started all over again last night (argh!), and will be finishing the 2nd design today. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t seem “wow” either, but now I’m out of time. . . I am desperately racking my brain to figure out just how to kick this design up a notch, and failing miserably as the clock ticks; these were scheduled to go out today. Doesn’t help that I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, either . . . sigh . . .

Why do I do this to myself?

  1. Hi Julie! Just found this in your signature line. I agree w/ Debbie O, I think we are all too hard on ourselves as artists. I know I fret over my cards when I do these swaps too. This time I actually really liked what I sent. Hope everyone else does too.

  2. Julie, we will all be thrilled to have one of your creations! And I’m guessing that there were several of us who felt like our card didn’t “cut it.” (I know I did!) The difference is that we *had to* get them in the mail, so the agonizing stopped sooner! I had set a goal (after reading several of your blog entries) to try for a clean design–not smearing my trademark caramel ink on everything. (So never underestimate your influence. Ü) On the other hand, when I finished, I wasn’t sure it was “me.” All of that to say that you are a design guru/hero in my eyes, and probably in everyone else’s in the swap. Have a wonderfully creative day!

  3. You are way too hard on yourself, girlfriend. You know we will just love what you come up with!

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