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is to streamline and simplify my art style with regards to my stamping and card making . . . altho I have to admit, in comparison to my peers, my style is relatively simplistic already. Still, I want to create simple designs that have a “big” impact–that make ya’ say “WOW!”. I think the key to that may lie in being more selective about mixing patterns, colors, and avoiding complex techniques. And, taking care not to overkill on the embellishments . . .

I happened upon another stamper whose artwork I greatly admire–she has such panach√©, and I find her designs so inspiring because of her simple, yet classy style.

So, that is my mission this year and pretty much for the future: Simplify, yet still maintain a sense of delight and magic.

  1. Thank you, Vicki! I’ve never had any formal training, but try to learn as much as I can from stamp artists whose work I admire. I’ve been art stamping for 12 years and enjoy it immensely.

  2. Julie, I love your style just the way it is. I would like to know if you have a background in design? Have you been formally educated or do you just have a natural ability to make such wonderful designs? vicki

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