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messin’ about, and trying to organize things into albums, but it’s sooooo time-consuming . . . so, I started all over again and rebuilt the album, leaving it as a single. Maybe later, if it becomes mammoth, I’ll attempt to organize it more, but for now, I will leave it as is.

Meantime, here’s yet another design that had pleasant results when I backed up and decided to simplify what I was doing. I ended up sending this a long time ago to my dear friend, Gail, who is an avid gardner (and stamper, too!).


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  1. I LOVE this card, but then I love almost every single thing I’ve ever seen posted on SCS that you do. I so wish I had the time to sit and be more creative because I LOVE stamping, creating cards, scrapbooking, and stamping anything that doesn’t move. I so aprpeciate all your designs. They really inspire me. Keep up the great work and have a blessed New Year!

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