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Link: A Muse Artstamps.

A Muse is generating a consumer email list for anyone interested in being on it. If you’d like to be added to it, leave your email address, city and state information in the comments section below, and I will gladly relay it on to A Muse.

You can also email them directly by clicking the above link, and clicking the email button there and send them a request to be added on.

The cool thing about being on it: they send out a NEW CARD IDEA every week!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

  1. Please add me to the list! I would love to receive their e-mail!

  2. Please add me! These stamps are wonderful!! Pinkfishy@verizon.net. My location is Severna Park, MD. Thanks Julie!

  3. I would like to be added to amuse list.. flyingmom92@

  4. I would love to be included! Thank, Julie!
    My location is Diamondhead, MS.

  5. Oops,I forgot to put my info
    kikyflorencia@aol.com Rockwall Texas, TKY ;)

  6. I would love this. Thank you. June
    junelink@comcast.net, Carnation, WA

  7. I would love to be added to the list.

  8. Janice, it’s TRUE!!!! Grams thinks we’re NUTS!!!

    Thank you for the bday wishes! I LOVE the glasses!!!!! I think it’s Martini Madness time! (giggles) Apple martinis, that is!!!! ;^)

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