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Oh, what an absolute BLAST!!! My fellow Canadian demonstrators are SO fun and so nice!!! Just so gracious and welcoming!!! Eleonor asked if I’d come again, possibly making this an annual event, and I would be so thrilled!!!

I got to meet Allison, who is one of the initial direct demonstrators in Canada. She served on the focus group for when they were preparing to bring the company into the country. She is just a gem, and I loved getting to know her over dinner.

Eleonor is SUCH a kick in the pants; what a great sense of humor, and energy all bundled up into this little lady!

I am disappointed in myself, that I forgot a few things–sample color photos at each table would have been extremely helpful, and by the time it hit me that I had forgotten that detail, I didn’t know the area well enough to find a photocopy place to do it in time. ARGH!!!! I just can’t believe how understanding they were about this, and I really deserved a big thump on the head for oversighting that.

But, as always, I will make note of this and what I need to do to improve my teaching skills for future events.

I drove home on such a high and called my hubby to meet me for dinner on the way home as I got closer. Poor guy–he had to listen to me chatter incessantly about how fun it was and how much I enjoy doing these kinds of events.

I think I’m radiating joy today!

Well, I’m on the road again today, headed for Seattle, and then CHA in Las Vegas. I am very curious to see what all the companies have been busy developing for 2006. I have high hopes to see more of that “simplicity” trend I’d read about in last year’s trade magazines . . . I have to laugh sometimes. I’m always so far behind the trends . . . I never really did get on the Shabby Chic wave and kinda find it intriguing that it still keeps hangin’ on. Then, there’s “grunge” . . . which I totally do not get. I suspect there will be a an explosion of digital scrapbooking products, since this seems to be on the rise in popularity . . .

Aaaah, well, I could speculate all night. I need to hit the road, get there, and just soak it all in.

  1. I will be so interested in your thoughts from CHA. Our stores owners left Thursday, and well let’s just say I have to repeatedly tell myself “It’s not my store!” Their vision and mine contradict sometimes. Have a wonderful time…and when you’ve caught a breath, break out those adjectives!!!

  2. Julie!

    Can I convince you to come to Milwaukee some time????

    I would have loved to see you in action in Canada!

    Have fun at CHA and tell me all about it!

  3. Oh, Julie. I can’t wait to hear your descriptions! You always make it feel like I’m right there with you! Have fun, and be careful. And oh yes. .. have a happy birthday! Big hugs,

  4. Wow Julie, you have been a busy girl. I would so love to go to CHA, but I’m sure I would want to buy everything and be overwhelmed. I have a bunch of inspiration sheets (I think I have almost all of them). Let me know and I will mail them to you for free. Just e-mail me at suejensen@adelphia.net. Thanks for sharing all your creativity.


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