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Link: pine is here.: take small steps.

I am absolutely FASCINATED with this way of scrapbooking. My friend Pinefeather does an exceptional job at it and I peeked at her blog today to see what her latest adventures have been. WOW!!!!!

I’ve come to the realization that I’ll never be a “traditional” scrapbooker, but digital is highly intriguing to me. One Christmas, after I’d purchased our eMac, I created a digital slideshow in iPhoto, and then burned it to a DVD that we could watch in the living room, complete with sound track, etc. My family LOVED the show. I need to experiment more with that and learn more about all this cool digital stuff. I think it will be my saving grace with regards to scrapping.

Meantime, my most favorite thing to make, and, always will be, are hand-stamped cards! The “canvas” size is just right for me, being the instant gratification girl I am . . . (chuckle)

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