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My Dad turned 68 yesterday. I consider my Dad, even at 68, to be one of the most all-around cool guys I’ve ever known.

An avid fly fisherman, he is incredibly talented at the art of fly-tying, and I’m so proud that his work has been on display in angling museums, and has been complimented by world-reknowned fly tiers themselves.

Gee, I think I’m bustin’ with pride a bit, here . . .

Anyhoo, this birthday card is a Limited Edition, 1 of 1, (chuckle), and was designed especially for him with a great deal of love.


All images and papers by Stampin’ Up!; Watercolor Wonder Crayons; AquaPainter; Staz-On Black & Encore Ultimate Metallic Copper Inks; Oval Clip by Stampin’ Up!

The ribbon or strip of artichoke colored paper that appears to be suede, is actually made of paper–using a bone folder, run a strip of dyed card stock (I have no clue if this works with “printed” or duplex types of card stock) against a bone folder in the same fashion that you would curl curling ribbon against your scissors.

This breaks apart the fibers of the paper and will enable you to separate the cardstock into “layers”. On the inside core of the paper, the texture resembles suede, and this is the side featured on the design above–a type of paper suede ribbon, if you will. Very cool.

  1. Julie
    I know your dad will love this one. I am so glad that you are enjoying the really good years with your father. My mom is in the hospital and you then realize how quickly they can be taken from you.
    I enjoy your work, as always on SCS and love to come here too.

  2. Awesome card, bet he loved it! Come to think of it, my dad is 68, too! :)

  3. Julie,
    I love everything about this,the card, the story, enjoy your relationship with your father (Iknow you do) life is short. Sheila

  4. That suede paper technique sounds cool, I’m going to have to try it! Bet your dad will love the card too!

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