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Hmmmmm. So, I got to thinking, as I was stampin’ like a maniac today . . . what are a few of my favorite things, with regards to stamping.

Some favorite embellishments:

1. Ribbon
2. Epoxy Stickers, clear, decorated, all shapes and sizes . . .
3. Clear Acrylic Do-jiggies (accents?)
4. Rhinestones/Gems
5. Irridescent Prisma Glitter, Ultrafine
6. Clear Micro Beads, pretty little glass beads, Alpha beads!
7. Mini and Big Brads, Pearlized Brads
8. Sequins–especially daisies
9. Spiral Clips; well, even square and triangular clips, too, I guess . . .
10. Eyelets–usually jus the 1/8″ size
11. Metal Edge Tags
12. Buttons
13. Slide Mounts
14. Silk and Paper Flowers
15. Clear Dimensional Lacquer
16. Good quality white gel pens–very few of these exist, I’ve noticed!
17. Acetate
18. Self-adhesive zippers–I just get a kick out of these things!

So, what have I recently amassed a collection of, and would like to play with?

1. Bull Nose Clips
2. Binder clips

Things I’ve used with disappointing results:

1. Wire–just cannot get into it or like anything I do with wire.
2. Rub-Ons; I do not understand the current paper crafting fascination with these things–especially when I cannot achieve consistent results and the quality varies from one brand to another? Maybe I just buy “bad” ones . . . harrumph!

My favorite color?

Celery. Celery on everything. This is becoming a problem, too. I buy clothing, purses, shoes, in celery. It’s the first color I reach for in ink pads and paper for any project and I literally have to slap my hand and force myself to play with other colors. My favorite color combo has been celery and turquoise, but, now I think it’s any color + celery . . . pathetic, huh?

Things I love to make?

Cards. I never tire of making cards. I just finished 21 different card designs in 2 days. This makes me supremely happy!

I love to receive them, too. But, I’ve run out of room to display them all. I cannot seem to part with them, but where to store them is becoming an issue!

Storage. Aaaaah. Now, that’s another topic for another day. Storage and organization . . . something I need muchly . . . chuckle!

  1. Julie, I love your list of favorites! I just finished planning a stamp class and realized that all 5 cards for the class had celery paper or ink on them (completely unintentional). I guess it’s my favorite color too. :) I did force myself to change one of them to use gable green instead.

  2. cute list julie :)

  3. Love all your faves, but please tell me…what are Epoxy Stickers? Somehow, in my vast collection of embellishments, I have failed to find these!!! I’m dying to know what they are and how you use them!!!

  4. Ahhhh yes, celery! The color of winners if you ask me?!?! I too love the color and use it far too much!

    Ribbon is my #1 fav accessory!

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