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I borrowed this concept from a sample I’d spotted at SCS; the use of raffia for a “nest” was just such a clever idea!

  1. Since I saw your card, I have been searching for the stamps. I found the egg stamp but cannot find the chick anywhere….where did you get the chick? I realize it myst be an AMUSE art stamp…but I can’t find it on their site…Help!! I just HAVE to have it! It is totally awesome! Great job!

  2. This card is adorable…I want it!

  3. Sigh. My favorite card. I’d call this ‘disgustingly cute’ but somehow those two words don’t sound nice together. :) -t

  4. This is just precious!!! I love every little thing about it! You are sooooo awesome! Could there be hope for the rest of us???!!! :)

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