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I literally went hog wild. Especially after losing electricity over the weekend (nasty windstorm hit WA state and knocked out power all down the island). It is wicked to lose internet access like that. But, today, the power is back.

I was a bit gleeful . . . then, I placed my pre-order for the Spring Mini catalog. I was naughty. Blew the budget, lost all self-control. But, seriously. How is one to resist these new papers? That new punch? Those new stamps? That funky new envy template? I mean, SERIOUSLY. And, yes: I said STAMPS. Plural. Not just one set. THREE plus a large background stamp! So, that’s like FOUR stamp sets, really. Oooooh.

No. I am a seriously sad rubbah addict. I’m afraid I am hopeless. But, of all the vices there could be, this one is quite harmless. Unless, of course, the mountain of stamps avalanches on top of one. Then, that is not so good. chortle!

  1. Yes the spring mini, i must place my order tomorrow, love the paper, love the monogram letters. Can’t wait to see what you create with them.
    Dawn in BC

  2. By “losing all self control” I thought you bought the whole darn Spring Mini. Girl, you did good if you only got four sets plus the punch. Can’t wait to have those papers. I’m such a paper freak!

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