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“J” custom-carved by Janna; all other images, papers, inks, punch, metal edge tag, silver cord, eyelet by Stampin’ Up! Plaid Ribbon by May Arts.

This is the “J” that Janna made for me! It’s got SPUNK!!! I *love* this “J” and I am supremely happy today. I have been hording this ribbon so I score points for USING it! chuckle! I just went nuts over Leigh O’Brien’s work with Monograms this month, so I decided to experiment a little myself with her inspiration to guide me. I’ll admit: I do NOT have a way with mixing patterns the way she does–she is a grand master, I tell ya’. But, this does seem more “me”, so I an pleased with how it turned out.

Polka dots always make me smile . . . daisies, too . . .

  1. That is such an awesome J! So much cooler than anything out there right now. I feel the same way about L’s … they’re all so boring! But this J definitely is not boring.

  2. Okay! That’s a “J”! This card is fabulous and funky!

  3. Woohoo! You used your new “J”!!! That is one spunky J! I can see why you were SO excited when you opened that package. Thanks for sharing your creation … love it! :)

  4. Now THAT is a real “J”!! What a great card, love the vellum tag hanging and the polka dots!!…I so want a nice J as I have a Josh and a John Paul!!! You deserve the beautiful J, and “way to go” for having such terrific friends as Janna!!! :)

  5. Being a “J” too, I really appreciate this card!! I always love all your work. It’s simple,direct and extremely effective. Thanks for sharing Miss Julie!!

  6. Love the “J” and what you did with it is fantastic!

  7. Now THIS is the “J” that she made? How cool! You are right! This has curves and spunk! What a great job she did!

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