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So, I asked the rest of the Dirty Dozen how long they “work” a design until they come to the realization that “it just ain’t gonna happen”, and put the poor thing out of its misery . . . ?

I stuck with it on a Dirty Dozen design today, and darned if I know whether to keep it or ditch it! It started out as a modified CASE, then took on a life of its own . . . ! I should call it “Wild Thing!”, for lack of a better title . . . It’s definitely not my usual and goes TOTALLY against my “simplicity” resolution for the year, but . . . it’s funky in its own way and . . . I “kinda” like it? At least, I do at the moment! (gentle chuckling . . . )

  1. You think so, eh, Pixie? Hmmmmmmm. I’m still pondering . . . it’s pretty “out there” for me . . . chuckle!

  2. I think you should upload it to the DDD anyway! I think it is fun to see when a stamper “steps out” and does something totally different for them!

    I’m sure it ROCKS!!

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