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And, I have been in a design *frenzy* of late, with deadlines all around me. After workin’ like a dog all week, I’m dyin’ to upload what I’ve been up to, with regards to my independent design work, but have not received the green light just yet . . .

Meantime, I finished a few designs for the DD’s coming March Gallery, and have decided that the one I was hemming and hawin’ about–the one that was rather “not me”, will indeed be reserved for that gallery because . . .

#1. I head to the State Tournament in Yakima today and will not be able to do much original design work while there.

#2. In light of #1, I have to keep whatever I have gotten done, in reserve for that gallery, in case I fall even further behind schedule, what with being out of my studio for the bulk of this week.

Sidebar–this is one of those dilemas every designer faces, and probably quite frequently:

Which designs to share publicly, which to reserve for submission (in the hopes it is accepted by a paying publication), which to reserve for DD gallery, etc. Unfortunately, I find myself stuck between this hard place and a rock on many occasions, because ultimately, one piece of artwork usually cannot be leveraged all 3 ways–or even 2 of those ways!– and a choice must be made by the designer about which way to go.

Quite a dilema, once you analyze it from all the angles . . .

But, I digress.

Yakima. What to pack that I can actually use while there in the hotel? I’ve determined the following:

Simply Said–I just love it and haven’t had a lot of time to play with it.
Best Blossoms–I know; it will retire and never be available again, but I really REALLY like it, and *need* to make something pretty with it. It has sat here in a virgin state . . . just waiting for ink. It must be stamped!!! chuckle!

I guess I’ll take some a pack of pre-cut cards and envies, and some shimmery white card stock, Dazzling Diamond Glitter, Classic and Craft Spots a Two Way Glue Pen, Aqua Painters, and my watercolor crayons . . . But, criminitly, I need to select a color scheme and not pack *all 48*. Hmmmmmm. Celery is always one good stand-by . . . chuckle!

I need to stamp some designs to thank the DD; I’m so far behind on that I can see my butt up ahead!!! No lie!!!! I think I will also assemble some little goody package of sorts, to send each of them, with some stampin’ trinkets tucked inside. They work so hard every month.

Time to get packin’!

  1. youre swimmin as fast as i am julie :) good luck with it all :) love the designs you posted……………

    as always :)

  2. Wooo HOOO! I’m so glad you decided to upload that card to the DDD for March! I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in 15 days!

    Have fun in Yakima and break that Best Blossoms in! Nobody likes a virgin stamp!! ;^)

  3. Wow, bless your heart! These are all just precious, thanks for sharing. . . have a great time in Yakima! and I’ll look forward to what you created while you were there hehe just make some fun things with “no stress included”!!!
    Good luck in the tourney, sure hope they go all the way to the end!

  4. That is correct: The Dirty Dozen Designers agree not to upload their exclusive designs anywhere else on the internet, including their own personal galleries, for a period of 6 months after they appear within the Fan Club Gallery at SCS. After that period of time has passed, the designers are free to do what they wish with the designs.

    Speaking for myself only, I have uploaded only a select few of my Dirty Dozen designs that were a year or older, to preserve and honor that exclusivity.

  5. I thought that the cards in the DD gallery weren’t supposed to be posted anywhere else, including your personal website. Under your “all time favorite designs” on this webiste, the top row, middle card (the one with the heart) is also posted in the DD gallery.

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