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Daisies and ladybugs–*LOVE* ‘em!!!! This design came together so quick with A Muse’s pre-fab 4 1/4″ square notecards! And, look at these teeny polka dot brads by Queen & Co.!!!!!! They were PERFECT for this project!!! I’m bouncin’ up and down in my seat–gotta learn to quit doin’ that, but seems whenever I get excited, I get to bouncin’ . . . (insert rolling eyeballs here) chortle!

I am totally playing around with how to set up this blog page. I like seeing a bigger picture, without having to click on the little one? But, I’m not sure I like this particular layout. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to keep it the way it originally was laid out, AND, have a larger photo upload.

I’ve asked Pebbles about it . . . perhaps she can advise me . . .

EDITED TO ADD: Pebbles DID help me!!!! (gleeful giggling!!!)

  1. How did you get the polka dot background? Did you just dot them on with a black marker? Or is it a background stamp?? Please advise. :)

  2. So cute… but you always seem to create the best cards with stamps that I don’t own! And I own quite a few! I know it’s just a conspiracy to get me to buy all of them. ;)

  3. Love it! So cute.

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