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My favorite colors . . . I used Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Olive pastel, along the green portion of the card, and the flower was stamped in Prussian Blue. If you look carefully, you’ll see a tiny face peeking from the flower. On a whim, I punched the face out with a 1/4″ circle punch from the A Muse Pea Pod image. I could not believe my eyes when it was a *perfect* fit! LOL!

So, yesterday was kind of glum for me. I did not feel at my creative best and really struggled in the studio. But, on the flip side, my husband installed some additional shelving in the laundry room for the overflow pouring out of my studio and into the family room. So, now I need to busy myself organizing and “letting go” of some stuff, and putting away stuff I cannot part with . . . just yet . . . Hah!

  1. Oh I love this one! Awesome colors!!

  2. Very cute, as usual! I saw in one of your posts that you were signing people up for the A Muse email~I’ve tried several times and it won’t work on my computer-would you sign me up in your free time? Ha! Thanks if you can. Joined the fan club last night to see more of your beautiful work and haven’t been able to get off the computer all day. Have to do some stamping tomorrow! Thanks. R

  3. How adorable. Dontcha just love it when things “just fit”! Cute face.

  4. This is just adorable! Sure hope you are feeling happier today than yesterday…we can’t be our very best every single day, you know!!! Just remember how much joy you bring to others with your wonderful creations :)

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