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I can at last see the floor in my studio and “some” counter space once again. Hubby Dave just installed 2 rows of shelving in the laundry room for me to store the overflow pouring out of my little stamp haven! A Valentine gift–the man *knows* the way to this stamper’s heart! Anyhoo, after 4 days of cleaning my stamp room, separating garbage from “keepers”, I finally could take it no longer and HAD to stamp something!

I just love it when an idea in my head actually becomes reality on paper! It is such a euphoric feeling!

I silver embossed the open line frame shape. Then, mortise (reverse) masked it and silver embossed the daisies. I don’t normally enjoy watercoloring on this smooth card stock, BUT, fellow stamper Sweet Miss Daisy mentioned that if I use a “drier” tip on the waterbrush, I’d probably achieve more satisfactory results. So, I gave it a whirl. She is right, by golly! It really helped me avoid the “pilling” of this paper!

The little silvery pearl head-pin came from the packaging of one of my husband’s dress shirts. I save the darn things, for some odd reason–I just think they’re so cute and can’t bear to toss ‘em into the trash . . .

Does that make me “frugal”? Or just downright wacko? chortle!

  1. Julie,
    I’m sure you hear this al the time, but I wanted to say what an inspiration you are to so many of us. Your work is wonderful and I’ll alway enjoy seeing something new that you have posted. With out the inspiration of you and others at SCS’s I don’t think my first year as a demo would have went so well. I can always count on getting some fresh new ideas to share with my stampers. So thanks for all you do.
    Vicky Kahlandt TTFN (SPS)

  2. Julie I positively *love* the design of this card! So clean and fresh!!

  3. So cute – AND I love your frugality!!! I wish I had asked my dh to save his most recent pins Ü

  4. ok….

    Julie… I uploaded a card yesterday with these daisies inside the rectangle. Did we both come up with the exact same idea on the same day?

  5. Wacko for sure. Just kidding Jules, it’s darling. I buy those pearl head pins to keep my spools of ribbons tidy. They are just easier for my fat fingers to grasp. Now I don’t have to buy anymore cuz I’ll just have you save Dave’s for me. Peter doesn’t wear dress shirts like that.

  6. Very cute! Love the embossing and the peek-a-boo flower! :)

  7. Love this card! The silver embossing is lovely and the pin is perfect. Btw, I save those, too. A girl never knows when they might come in handy! ;)

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