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Link: Splitcoast Gallery – JulieHRR Gallery.

Well, it hasn’t been a largely productive day today, but over the last few, I have managed to a few more designs for the Dirty Dozen March Gallery done.

I’m rather excited, as usually, it’s a struggle for me carve out the time to get 6-8 designs, and as of today, I was able to produce 11 total so far! Getting a few done prior to leaving for the tournament for a week was really key, I think. I would like to get one more thing rolling around in my head done. Maybe I’ll get lucky and accomplish this before the deadline.

In the meantime, I think the Fan Club is gonna pee their pants when they see what’s in there this month!!!! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!

  1. Chuckle! Trust me, you guys. You’re gonna need an ice pack for your chin when the doors are opened! ;^) Oooooooh, boy!!!!

  2. Are you sure you can’t give us a peak of DDD early? I can’t wait!

  3. Oh, Julie … What a tease you are! :) Can’t wait to see the DDD this month!

  4. No fair! We still have to wait 5 whole days before we can see!!! Can’t wait to see the fantabulous eye candy you and the other amazingly talented ladies produce…

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