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I have coveted this crab for over a year now, ever since I first laid eyes on him. My sweet Mom purchased him for me while we were at the State Tournament. He just CRACKS me!!! (DOH! sheepish grin over the un-intended pun . . . )

I stamped him on those fabulous Fabriano Mediovalis Cards I found at www.impressrubberstamps.com , thanks to Lisa Spangler’s encouragement. She uses these note cards quite frequently, and I can see why she likes ‘em so much–they just look and feel so “fine” . . . happy sigh . . .

This design was what I’d call a “5 Minute Quickie”. chortle! You know how you hesitate, thinking, maybe “just one more” touch? I had to restrain myself from going any further and botchin’ it. I can do that pretty easily . . . ack!

The sand is accented with Sakura Stardust Clear pen, and the sentiment was hand-lettered. The little crab eyelet I found at www.rubberstampfun.com and have been waiting for 2 years now to apply to just the right design. I’m pathetic . . . ship me off to the nearest chapter of BHA–’Bellie Horders Anonymous.


  1. Kerri, this image is produced by the company “Rubber Soul”.

  2. What stamp company is the crab stamp from? I’ve got to get one.

  3. I could use a couple of those cards to give to my husband. ;)

  4. I love the crab!! You card is adorable!! DH and I brought a plastic wind-up crab for my MIL from a Virginia Beach vac that looks EXACTLY like your stamp. It’s eyes go up and down and it scuttles sideways. We brought it as a joke souvenir, but she loves it and still has it over a decade later!

  5. Love the crab – very cute!

  6. Hot dog, Julie! You are just TOO awesome! :) Love the card … but I can’t believe that YOU would ever be crabby!

  7. LOL, too cute!!! Love the crab, he’s adorable :) I have that eyelet in my stash too, now I guess I’ll have to search me out a crab stamp! Thanks for the fun!

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