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Link: Splitcoast Gallery – The Girl is legal!.

Well, I’m pretty STOKED!!!! I just did my first digital scrapbook page! It’s not very pretty, even tho I think the subject of the page is the prettiest young lady on the planet! I just wanted to try it out, learn something new.

Now that I have this under my belt, I’m excited to go further. I’d like to develop a more graphic style–it is amazing the variety of digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments, etc. that are out there. BUT, my whole purpose for learning this is to keep it simple, and I think a more graphic style will help me achieve that.

I’ve learned so much in that last 24 hours! And, it was SO satisfying to complete that page so fast!!! Of course, now I want to re-do it and *really* get the look I’m goin’ for! chuckle!

The beauty of it? I can delete it and start all over again and again until I get it precisely the way I want it and I won’t ruin the photo or waste lots of expensive supplies!!!! I am positively GIDDY!!!!!!

  1. Just a lurker on your blog and also a digi-scrapper!! Wanted to tell you that you did a great job!! It is a blast and I am sure you will love it more and more! :o)

  2. Just had to let you know my A Muse stamps came in the mail today…amidst our NE snowstorm!!! I am so excited to see that beautiful rubber on my table!!! hehe Going to have some fun now!!!

  3. I’m trying to stay away from Digital … I know I’d get way too addicted!

    She is beautiful, Julie – looks just like you!

  4. Wow, that is really neat! I have no idea about digital scrapbooking, but you did a great job…and Yes, you did have a beautiful subject with which to work!!! Congratulations to your new driver! :)

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