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Well, I’ve digitally scrapped this same photo for the 3rd time now. BUT, I think I’ve finally found the “look” I’m going for. It’s very graphic and bold. I think when my daughter sees this final version, she will feel that this page finally suits her personality and style. She wasn’t crazy about the other 2, and in all honesty, they weren’t really “her”. But, I had to start somewhere. Of all the layouts, this one went the fastest, and I think it’s because I now know what I’m shooting for, and have learned (somewhat) how to manipulate the different elements.

I can’t wait to show Pebbles and Pinefeather. I’m anxious to know what they’ll think of this version.

  1. This looks great! Love the colors here and the composition. She’s legal and lucky!!

  2. Mmm. Yeah…I can see that it would be great for when you want to make copies for family. But then again, do you need a printer that can do 12 x 12?

    All so confusing to me… ;)

  3. You’re DD is absolutely gorgeous,good genes ;).The page is all you,always perfect!…taza.

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