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Aaaaaah. The 15th of the month once again. The doors are now open, and I can once again breathe calmly that everything is in place, gallery’s lookin’ good, and well-stocked with such beautiful stuff from our Design Team. The newest designer, Trudee Sauer, is receiving well deserved accolades. It is indeed a very good day!

I will miss Kim Van de Riet on the Dirty Dozen–she’s so good humored and fun in personality. She is so modest–I remain in awe of her skill and talent as an artist.

I was pleased I completed 12 designs for this month’s gallery; the cursed briefcase, and pattern development took me an entire day. I was literally exhausted when I finally got it done.

I had to put some notices on the patterns. The *vast* majority of our Fan Club Members are SO awesomely supportive and understanding of the huge investment of time and energy the team volunteers into these special designs. Unfortunately, there have been several instances of mis-use of our Dirty Dozen Designers’ creations/images and their patterns. . .

It is my hope that these notices will help curb that; although the instances are few, that I know of, in number, it is still highly distressing (for lack of a better word) . . .

Some of the instances, granted, were not done with intent to harm the artists or SCS, but more due to a lack of understanding, I believe . . .

Musing . . . indeed, “intellectual” property is every bit as valid as physical property. For example, just because the neighbor can see my car in the driveway, that doesn’t mean it is acceptable (or legal) to take my car and drive it without permission.

By the same token, just because my designs/images/patterns are viewable on the internet, that doesn’t mean it is acceptable (or legal) to take the image and use it, or distribute it without permission.

I read a most excellent article in the current issue of Digital Memories Magazine, produced by Jennifer Pebbles, that discusses the ramifications to artists and how hurtful and damaging it can be to their careers and livelihood when this occurs. I intend to re-read it–kudos to the author for such a well-written article.

  1. ditto what Diane says…

  2. I surely hope everyone will follow protocol, and respect your rights…I’m sure it can be so discouraging for others to copy art work and claim it as their own. Thank you for all you do for others!!!

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