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This was just too quick and easy for a wedding design. Images were embossed with pigment ink and clear embossing powder over the top. I began to reach for the watercolor pencils, and then stopped short; I could so easily go too far . . . after staring at it for a bit, I decided I should leave it alone.

  1. Yes, Michele! It’s one of those Fabriano Mediovalis Note cards. *Love* that stuff!!!

  2. I like this very much. Is the note card the same that you mention in a prior post that you get from Dick Blick?

  3. This is hilarious! Perfect for a Lingerie Party for the Bride-to-be!!

  4. This card is so cute and it makes me laugh all at the same time. Hmmmm – how is this Mr. Darcy inspired? :) tee hee

  5. I love your style, this card is very cute!

  6. Very cute and perfect the way it is.

  7. So cute! I love how “non-traditional” it is! I don’t tend to think outside the box with wedding cards and always stick with more traditional stamped images. Great work, as usual! :)


  8. LOVE IT! Love the “bare bones” style of this card. Love checking in on you, Julie!

    Have a Blessed Easter!


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