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Someone asked me where I find inspiration. The answer (everywhere), while very true, also seemed rather cliché. Yes, yes, like most artists, I find inspiration in the works of others, in clothing and gardening catalogs, home interior magazines, nature, etc. But, sometimes, I find it in the places I really least expect it.

My recent obsession with the movie Pride & Prejudice has sparked my latest creations. I am horridly, and incurably romantic, I’m afraid. Who doesn’t want to believe in happily ever after? What girl wouldn’t want to flounce around in the beautiful dresses of that era? Oh, yes . . . I’m quite incurable . . .

Hence, this latest creation, which I dubbed: Lizzie’s Bonnet

When I saw this stamp by Alesa Baker, I simply *had* to have it. It matched my current romantic mood too perfectly to be resisted!

The base card was made by inking up a sponge dauber with a pale amethyst ink and creating a soft polka dot background. The hat is stamped with Staz-On Black onto watercolor paper and tinted with watercolor crayons. I love the largeness of it and the wide open areas that allow me to sweep my brush across it. It made me supremely happy to just sit and paint . . . blissfully listening to the soundtrack of my favorite movie . . .

Am I getting carried away? Absolutely! But, really, that is the good stuff and nonsense of daydreaming, and who couldn’t use a little bit of that now and then?

  1. Julie, I LOVE this card! I, too, am a P & P junkie! Would you believe that they released this movie for sale on my bday. Of course, it was the first present I opened! I’m a total Austen nut, too.

    Love your fresh style, girl! You rock!
    mary rose <—bowing to the queen!

  2. Julie, it’s gorgeous! I immediately thought of P&P before I scrolled down to read your post.

    I haven’t seen the newest version of the movie, but A&E’s version is by far one of my favorite movies. Hmmm, I think I might watch me a little tonight! :)

  3. Lovely card~I haven’t seen the new Pride yet, but I love the A&E production. You have to rent that-when Colin Firth comes out of the pond and she is standing there thinking “wow, I could have THIS house and HIM” well, it takes my breath away every time. I, too, think stamping and listening to my favorite movie makes for a perfect day!

  4. Question: do you usually break out the StazOn for watercoloring? Me, I don’t like cleaning it off. :P

    And FYI I thought you’d be interested: I went to 2peas website, downloaded some free digital scrapbooking stuff and messed around to make my first page! ;) It is rather addicting…easy as pie to journal! ;)

  5. I LOVE to daydream!!! And I love the amethyst with the pale yellow. SO pretty.

  6. Julie! That is just perfect!! Love it!

  7. Awesome! And I also love to make the polka dots with the sponge daubers…they work so well for that!
    Thanks for another great card~~I must rent that movie! LOL ~~

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