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Would a guy go for this? I dunno. I was experimenting. Hah! Either way, it has a nice elegant feel to it. Not ALL guys are hunting/fishing/sports/nature enthusiasts, I suppose? chuckle! It might make a nice baby boy card . . . you know, heralding the arrival of a Little Prince?

I love these Fabriano Mediovalis Notecards. You can find them at www.dickblick.com Just put “Mediovalis” or “Fabriano” into the search box. But, the catch is, they are only sold in 100 ct. boxes . . . :shock:

The images here (Anna Griffin for All Night Media/Plaid) are a mix of traditional wood mount AND clear stamps, by golly. A few years ago I bought some clear stamps off QVC; being the lazy girl I am, I haven’t played much with them. They do require some getting used to. The crown and border images are traditional rubber WM stamps. The ornate frame and sentiment are clear. The frame stamped surprisingly well with Brilliance Graphite Black pigment ink onto vellum, maintaining a lot of the fine detail–it may have helped that the vellum has such a smooth surface. The sentiment, I struggled a tad with and applied a bit too much pressure, fearful that the texture surface might impede getting a clear impression.

  1. I dig this huge!! maybe not so “manly” but still totally awesome!

  2. I agree…for a baby boy, it’d be perfect!

  3. I like the idea of this card for a baby boy. All the men in my life are huntering/fishing/sports nuts. Unfortunetly this card is to cute for my guys but I really like it.

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous!!! I don’t know why a guy wouldn’t like it, seems he WOULD feel like a Prince! I love those stamps too, you lucky girl!
    By the way, I did get my black dotted cards from A Muse (along with some others, too!) and I love them. Thanks for the help!

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