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I have not yet seen the BBC/A & E version, featuring Colin Firth, but after all the accolades, will have to rent it some time when I have 5 hours to watch it!

Meantime, I went into serious mourning yesterday (utterly ridiculous, of course), at having to return Mr. Darcy & Lizzie (Matthew MacFayden & Keira Knightly) to the video store.

And, I thought I had to be the only one stricken with this serious delirium . . . (giggle!) I do so love a happily ever after . . . *sigh* . . . Ü How lovely it would be if like were REALLY like that . . .

  1. Oh Julie, the colin firth version of Pride and Predjuice is my favorite movie of all time! I own it and have almost worn it out! I’ve had several surgeries (9 neurosurgeries) and this movie has certainly helped me recupurate! You must watch it–over and over! thanks Julie for your talent and sharing. I enjoy all you do for the stamping industry! thanks
    cindy harris ch on scs!

  2. I LOVE the A&E version. How many times I’ve had my own personal stamp fest at the coffee table, drooling over Colin Firth.

    Once I even pretended I wasn’t home when a friend stopped by unannounced while I was watching.

    If you want a copy, I can always burn you one!

    (rhodiangirl on scs)

  3. Re post BBC version better than this P&P: NOT! If you refer to the 1984 BBC (Masterpiece Theatre) version, w/ David Rintoul as Darcy, then yes: you have a perfect, proud personification of Darcy that is quite literal to Austen’s work. But for romance and story that bypasses so much Wickham, letters, etc, THIS is the version. An enraptured Darcy (I love, I love, I love you…” who says only what’s true, and a growth in Lizzie that is visible. I reread Austen annually – it’s my all-time fav fiction. Once you read the real text, it’s great to go to the romantic primer. I Despise(!) the A&E/Firth version. Strictly amateaur… I own both this and 1984 versions.

  4. Join the “I wanna be Mrs. Darcy” Fan Club!! I have an extra copy of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I can drop it off sometime and I guarantee you’ll love this more than the one w/Kiera Knightley.

  5. Hehe! I was watching the Keira one last night as I stamped and started giggling as I remembered your post after watching the movie!

    (((HUGS))) returning a good movie is always hard!! ;^)

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