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I watched Pride & Prejudice last night with my daughter. This is not good. I now have a *seriously GINORMOUS* crush on Mr. Darcy and am thoroughly convinced I was born in the wrong era, and wrong country. I think I’ve watched that love scene 20x + now. It is the most romantic thing I have ever seen in my entire life! Holy SMOKES!!!!! And, THAT, my friends, is a complete understatement. WOW!!! I need a wine cooler to douse these flames!!! I wonder if there’s a Mr. Darcy Addiction Support Group . . .

  1. You have to watch the Colin Firth version, it is amazingly good. It is much longer and so there is more time to draw out the story.Also, Lizzie is so much more as I imagined her than Keira Knightley who is just too perfect to be a good Lizzie.
    Also, if you are in love with Matthew McFadyen look out for another BBC series called Spooks. He played an MI5 agent, sounds really boring, but it had good storylines and he was seriously hot in it :)

  2. stamping and Mr Darcy – my two passions! (Colin Firth version, of course!) just watched it last week!

  3. I must watch that movie, it sounds divine! And if you don’t post a new card soon, I’m going to wilt! I am truly addicted to your wonderful designs, and am currently in withdrawal!!! :) LOL

  4. Colin Firth=Yummy!

  5. I caught the Keira Knightly one in the theatres with DH (one of those dinner and a movie places) and I LOVED it. I’ll be getting the DVD for my birthday next month, I can’t wait to watch it again (and again). I heard the Colin Firth one is great too. Another favorite is Sense and Sensablility.

  6. Definitely watch the A&E version. Whenever I am feeling down, I just pop in my DVD and 5 hours later I feel much better. :)

    BTW, here’s the support group: http://www.pemberley.com/

  7. You really must watch the A&E version. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy…. *sigh*

  8. Maybe that’s where I know you from….England, late 1800′s! I am a TOTAL sucker for period pieces… Anything Jane Austen makes me crazy!

  9. I heard a rumor that such a group exists, only no one has shown up quite yet. I think they’re all still rewinding and fastforwarding. ;)

  10. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Welcome to the club!! So which version did you watch?? And if you liked that one, I have some others to recommend! ;^)

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