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I’m havin’ a deja vu. Mebbe I’ve made this card before???? If not, it’s still a cute quick card. That punch is too much fun–I really should develop another use for it, but for now, I just like using it for the centers of the mondo daisy! chuckle! I hope both the set and the punch make it into the main catalog; it would be a pity if not.

I will remain hopeful!

  1. “What kind of paper do you use for your white base?”

    Hey, there! I actually rely quite a bit on Stampin’ Up!’s Whisper White and Very Vanilla. The card above is a VV base. Ü

    This card stock was formerly known as “Ultrasmooth” White or Vanilla.

    It is a lighter weight of card stock, but I *love* the super smooth surface and it takes ink just beautifully! HTH.

    I’m so glad ya’all are enjoying these designs!

  2. Another amazing card…ever since I discovered your work I have developed SUCH an appreciation for white card bases. I really don’t know that I had used white as a base at all except for in wedding cards maybe. I have made several cards since then with white bases and I love the results. :) You inspire me (and I am sure MANY) to be a better stamper.


  3. I’m really curious to see if they make it as well. What I’d really like is a jumbo punch for that mondo daisy! :)

  4. Julie, this is so lovely. I, like the other poster, love the simplicity that white seems to represent. What kind of paper do you use for your white base? Your work is so inspiring!

  5. I love this card. I like how you never feel you need to overdo it with colored cardstock. I love the simplicity of your style.

  6. Love the card Julie. I haven’t gotten that set or the punch yet but I am tempted.

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