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I’m in a considerable time crunch and feeling frazzled . . . my son’s 10th birthday party is in a few hours, and I STILL need to assemble party favors, I’ve been designing like a mad-woman for the Dirty Dozen unveiling on the 15th–this month’s challenge has been indeed more challenging than I anticipated– my daughter would like me to do up her hair for Prom, which is Saturday evening, I’ve had to shuttle my son to 2 soccer games this week–not to mention sit out in the freezing winds to watch him, Mother’s Day is Sunday and I’ve yet to stamp my own mother a card . . . it won’t make the snail today, that’s for sure . . . I know, I can call her. And, I will, but still, I’m just plain frazzled. I am kicking myself for over-extending myself . . .

I have neglected my journaling here, trying to keep up with “life”, in general . . . sigh . . . I STILL haven’t even had time to call a friend to help straighten out my wi-fi router issues . . . ARGH!!!!

I created this design over a week ago . . . it features a Sneak Peek of coming A Muse Summer images!


  1. yay, you’re alive!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day seniorita!!! I love the card, totally cute…you are going to have to point me in the direction of that circle punch size…is it 1″ or 1 1/4″???

    Hope the party went well!!

  2. I LOVE this! I am in love with A Muse…have my clear alphas now, can’t wait to play with them. Had to be out of state 10 days for a funeral, and am also frazzled like you; our youngest is graduating next weekend, and the open house for him is then too! I’m way behind, but like you, I’ll get it done! You inspire me…you are terrific! Can’t wait to see the Dirty Dozen!!!

  3. Hi Julie,Beautiful card! How was your son’s B-daY?Waht kind of favors did you do for 10 yr olds?I have one the same age..Have a wonderful day…Taza

  4. This is darling, Julie!!

    (((BIG HUGS))) to you!!

    and now I have to wait for the A Muse Summer images!! :eye roll: ;^)

  5. take a deep breathe miss julie :) you’ll make it through!!

  6. Leave it to you to find a circle punch that fits exactly in the center! so cute. :)

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