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I just got a package in the mail today, and was stunned to see this special issue inside: Paper Crafts Remodeled

I was just going to pre-order it!!! For some (surprising, but delightful) reason, they included a journal design of mine that was featured in Stamp It! magazine a while back.

It is fun and really kinda cool to see these other projects, too, including a gift bag, that were inspired by using this design as a “blueprint”! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The best part of all, I must note, however, is when this journal was returned to me, my daughter and I actually began to use it to communicate to each other–we write letters to each other in it and it has been especially helpful during those times when my daughter wants to share her feelings with me, but just can’t, or doesn’t want to, talk face to face with me. Letters to My Daughter . . . She’s growing up so fast . . . I hope the communication continues to remain strong between us. I think it will . . .

  1. Julie, I’m so happy for you! I can’t wiat to see the magazine and your inspiration journal — what a fabulous idea! Congratulations, stampin’ genius! :D

  2. Lucky duck! I just got the e-mail about that book today! now I’m even more excited to get it!! Woo HOO!

  3. What an amazing and wonderful idea Julie!!! I did preorder this – can’t wait to see it!!

  4. My mom and I had a journal when I was going through those years of not wanting to communicate with her. Granted, it wasn’t as snazzy as I assume yours is … it was a wireless notebook with a pink cover and wide-ruled pages.

    At any rate, I think it’s a fantastic idea. I know it helped our relationship immensely.

    I want a copy of that issue! It sounds great.

  5. That is so GREAT!!! What a day brightener for you…I’m so glad they did that for you!
    The journal idea sounds awesome, if I had a daughter I would surely use that! You are such a special Mom…Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and weekend! :)

  6. Cool beans julie! :)

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