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I got SUCH a bang out of this!!! A Muse issued a sentiment in their new Summer Release that is a phrase I use ALL the time! Can you find it?

Hunt here: A Muse Summer Release

  1. Julie,
    You’re too predictible. I was looking for “shut up” too and then decided that it must be “have a splendiferous day”. Reading through the comments, I’m not alone!!!

  2. I am prolly wrong but, Hi girlfriend comes to mind! ‘Course Shut Up would make a good one too if that were a possibility!

  3. Yeah, I was looking for “Shut Up” and “Get Out”.
    Do you say Have a Splendiforous Day? That must be it.

  4. It must be splendiferous day, because there’s no GET OUT! or phantasmagorical :D

  5. Yep, I vote for “have a splendiferous day”!!!
    I just love their new summer stamps!!! Gotta have some! :)

  6. I think it’s the “splendiferous day” one! :) I think I might have seen you post that once or twice…. ;)


  7. I won’t play, since it would kind of be cheating. ;) BUT, I do think of you every single time I see that stamp in my drawer! Hehe!

  8. Well, “shut up!” isn’t there … so I’m guessing “have a splendiferous day!”??? :)

    Do I win a prize? :) (Just kidding!)

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