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. . . it pours . . .

I decided this last weekend I needed to visit my sweet parents, whom I hadn’t seen in months. It’s about a 6 hour drive from here. My 10 yr. old son accompanied me, and even tho it was pouring rain on the way down, we were cozy and happy in the van, he watching movies in the far back seat, and I rather pleased with myself because even tho I had a gazillion things to do, I had decided that visiting my parents was the #1 priority this weekend. No excuses. And, I did exactly that. We had a marvelous, glorious time!

Then, I returned home.

My husband, who’d remained at home due to pressing work matters, did take a few precious hours to go fishing. But, he lost his balance in the boat trying to land a fish. Evidently he shifted his weight a little too far, and ended up in the drink . . . And, so did the Razor phone I’d given him for his birthday last October . . .


Well, things could be worse, I thought. . . . And, my sweet husband proceeded to tell me just how much worse they really were: the washing machine is broken down. And, we are running out of clean underwear once again . . .

Normally, I’d be laughing at this point . . . but having forked over $1K in mechanical work needed on his truck just last week . . . well, it just didn’t seem quite that funny . . . and most especially after having been handed an estimate of nearly $2K needed in repairs on a rental house we own just 2 weeks ago, damage caused by metal flashing that had popped up and allowed rain to seep into the ceiling . . .

Still, things could be worse, right? Well, really they could. But, they’re not.

I have a very sunny bright spot today: My ladies.

Back in November, I was asked to come do a workshop. I decided that here was an opportunity for me to give back to my community, doing what I do best.

I stamp with the elderly ladies at an Assisted Living Facility. Many of them suffer memory loss, and have limited dexterity due to arthritis. A number of them are bound to wheelchairs, and others require walkers. But, these ladies have smiles that light up the world when I walk in once a month to make cards with them. They clap, give the warmest hugs, and we laugh and laugh!

What a gift to me they are! My time with them today really lifted me when I needed it.

I introduced them to chalks and glitter today.


Now, keep in mind, these cards are very simplistic–no fancy techniques. I have to take care that I’m using images large enough for them to color in easily. They love flowers and ribbon. But, the glitter really dazzled ‘em. I don’t think I’ll be able to come again without bringing the glitter!

We were all sparkling today as I left. . . but, I don’t think it had anything to do with the glitter . . . really . . . !

  1. As always I am amazed at what you do with just a piece of white paper! I am certain the “the ladies” are just so thankful for you!

  2. Wowzers, Julie! That is a handful to find after coming home from a nice visit!

    (((BIG HUGS)))

    But service always seems to make us feel better! So glad you have those sweet ladies to stamp with! I love the cards you design for them to do!

  3. So sorry to hear of your ‘rain storm’.
    Isn’t that always the way??

    Your cards are so great! More often I think LESS is MORE.

    It’s so incredibly sweet of you to stamp with the elderly ladies.
    It’s great to get that kind of perspective on life.

    Good luck to you with it all!!

  4. Julie-
    You are such a delight. Your story made me get all teary eyed. I just love reading your updates and looking at your beautiful work. You are a very special person. I love how you write too. You are so talented and so sweet and so kind.

  5. These cards are so NOT simplistic. What a great gift to share with sweet ladies.

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