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All images are by A Muse Art Stamps.
Colorbox Black Pigment Ink, Clear Embossing Powder
Ribbon by Stampin’ Up!

Was it easy? Yes. But, the seriousness of the high quality paper, Fabriano Folded Reply Cards, available at Dick Blick, and the whimsy of the sentiment make this a simple, yet fun graduation design, I think?! You could swap out the ribbon for the school colors–especially helpful when time is of the essence and you have a LOT of grad cards to pump out, UKWIM? As a public school administrator, my husband typically gets hit with a number of invitations to graduation, so these kinds of designs help ME, since I’m the card and gift producer of the family!

Note the little mini brad for the little button that holds the tassle on real grad caps. I could have used a black brad, I suppose, but the silver helped this little detail “pop”.

  1. WOOHOOO! This card ROCKS Julie – so you like those prefolded cards, huh? They are to DIE FOR????

  2. LOVE the brad idea!!!! Too cute!!!

  3. You are right…serious paper does make for a more serious card.

  4. Hi Julie!

    I was wondering if the graduation cap is from the new clear stamps? I am having trouble figuring out what size the simple celebrations are(I think thats the name)I guess the total size is 4 x 6, but I’d like to know what size the individual stamps are. Thanks! Rachel

  5. It certainly does make sense! DUH-cardstock…never even thought of that! :) I will absolutely use these tips and I hope to be photographing my work like a pro very soon! Thanks again! You are awesome!


  6. Sure! And, thank you, Miss Amy!!! Ü

    I always use the macro setting on my digital camera.

    I use natural daylight as much as possible, or simulate it with a “daylight” lamp, if I have little natural light to work with.

    I typically use 2 pieces of cardstock propped up to make the bottom and background.

    After I take the photo, I also adjust the contrast and brightness with my photo editing software to make the colors more true to life, lighten the shadows, etc. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 for this.

    I also am somewhat unsteady, which can cause blurring, so I try to have my elbows propped on something firm, like the back of a chair, or the counter top to alleviate any jiggling, if that makes sense.

    HTH! Ü

  7. Another great one Julie! :) I was wondering if you might possibly share how/where you photograph your cards. It looks like maybe you use colored posterboard or something as a backdrop? I have a high-quality camera (digi rebel XT) and I take pictures near a window (or outside), but I still can’t get a spectacular picture…I think all the difference is the backdrop; simple and color-coordinated to your project. Anyway, just wondering if you would share your secrets! :)


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