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My eyes sure do strain (prolly cuz I need new SPECS!!!!) from reading the small print.  I finally figured out I had to completely switch browers to be able to enlarge the print here.

Only problem is, I am "accustomed" to Safari.  I like Safari.  A lot.  Firefox is "cumbersome" for me.  Of course, prolly cuz I am OLD.  And, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. (insert rolling eyeballs here).

  1. Julie! Here’s a REALLY great stampers secret–buy the man a smoker for Dad’s Day. For the past 3 years, my DH has SMOKED the turkey for Thanksgiving! What a help that is! The turkey is HIS responsibility, the mess is outside (leaving my big oven free), and the turkey clean-up is his!

  2. julie!!!
    go back into safari ( what i use too.. except to update my blog, i use firefox.. gives you more options fyi)

    click safari
    click preferences
    click appearance
    and change the text size there :D

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