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I am a bad, baaaaaaad girl. I collect things and then do not use them. I “hoard”. I take them out, gaze at them lovingly, and even pet them. And, then, I put them away. Truly pathetic really. I mean, after all, if I run out, then I have a legitimate reason to BUY MORE, right? Of course! But, nooooooo. To my shame, it’s darn near PAINFUL for me if I “splurge” and use a foot of it on a project! Yikes! Silly girl I am. Ridiculous, really.

Well, all these unspooled hanks can easily run amok, so I had to corral ‘em. I read about this in a magazine and figured I’d give it a whirl. And, guess what? I’m actually using more of this ribbon now that I have it organized. I’m not sure if I should be happy about that . . . or worried . . . that I’ll run out cuz I’m actually USING the blessed stuff! chuckle!


I bought these zip loc bags at Wal Mart, and punched holes in the ends so I could slip them onto very large 3″ loose leaf rings. Then I grouped ‘em according to color families. I rather like it! And, I like being able to see all the pretty colors . . . *happy sigh* . . .

ETA: This is what I did on the wall for my ribbon “spools” . . .

They are extension cafe curtain rod brackets, and I just cut the dowel to fit, slide the spools on, and voilá. It was called: Julie ain’t got no dough for spendy ribbon storage so she had ta’ improvise. Chuckle!


  1. oooooo – ooooo -ooooo I new I could count on you to figure out my ribbon dilemna! I already have them in the little zipped baggies – I just needed that damp ring so that I could keep my color groups together better!!! WOOHOO – now just the time it takes to get those babies hooked up Ü

  2. “I see that someone is more of a fan of organdy than she is of grosgrain. ;)”

    Bwah ha haaaaaaaa!!!! NOT TRUE, Nicole!!!

    That’s just ONE of the rings I created!!!! snicker!

    I’m an equal opportunity ribbon hoarder, really and truly! Ü If you only knew . . . Heh, heh, heh!

  3. Mmm! Ribbon. Yum!

    I see that someone is more of a fan of organdy than she is of grosgrain. ;)

  4. Great minds! Two weeks ago, I spent Saturday night with Adri, doing pretty much the same thing! My girl looooooves the ribbon, and loooooved petting it. I had to share (payment for her hard work!) so she has her own little stash now! I’m creating a monster!

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