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Jennifer Pebbles is having a give away/contest thingy in honor of A*MuseI*A*Palooza, so if you wanna enter, you need to visit her blog: The good life Just scroll down and she’s got all the deets listed right there!

Meantime . . . . July 4th is coming. Howzabout sending a patriotic greeting to friends and family to celebrate?!

All images, Star Twinkle Sticker and Note Card by A Muse Art Stamps. Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Charcoal, Yellow Citrus & French Blue. Red Gingham by Stampin’ Up!, Blue Hemp (source unknown).

Years ago, I found these little dowels with tiny sponges on the end and found them ideal for sponging ink in small areas, and that’s what I used to highlight Lady Liberty’s torch and make it “glow”. This works great on candles, lamps, streetlamps, lanterns, etc.–any image you want to have some sort of glowing effect.

I used the little twinkle star sticker to highlight the end of the exclamation point, cuz, well, it just seemed to suit!

She’s the only patriotic image I happen to own–so darn cute and her symbolism speaks to my heart!

  1. I just love this card!!! It doesn’t scream 4th of July like so many other do. And thanks for the idea with the candle!

  2. another beautiful card JULIE!

  3. ok, that little tie method is swell. nifty nifty. thanks for sharing, Julie!

  4. I LOVE your Lady Lib! The glow is awesome and the way you tied that gingham is fab! I WILL CASE that! You know, the lighthouse you used on the thanks card below would look very patriotic to me with r/w/b stripes. :)

  5. Love *everything* about this card, Julie! Now I need those stamps! :)

  6. That ribbon is fabulous! I love the way you’ve added it! You have such great ideas!

  7. Another winner, Julie!!! Love how you did the ribbon, and how everything just works so well! You are amazing! :)

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