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Or not cool? I just installed this slide show widget over there in the left side bar. I can’t decide if it’s good, or unnecessary clutter. I’ll admit, I was bouncin’ to get it on here . . .

Hmmmmmmm. I like the song I chose for it; makes me happy! And, it makes me wanna STAMP HAPPY!!!! (chortle!)

Buuuuuuuuuut, first, I have to run 20 min. to the movie theatre to get a gift certificate for my son’s friend whose birthday party is this afternoon, naturally! Sheesh. Nothin’ like the last minute, criminitly!

  1. WOW Julie, very cool….loved they tune too!!! Debby

  2. This ia a great blog!! Keep up the great creative work! You are very talented. And I love your cards, they have been a great inspiration to me and I’m sure others on many occasions. Keep on sharing! Thanks, Margaret

  3. I thought it was great! I, too, loved the song you chose and the combination of the song and your gorgeous creations makes me want to go stamp right now. It’s one thing flipping through images, and it’s a whole other experience (a very good one) to “flip through the images” with a cool song. Great job.

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