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I was able to track my shipment of SU! catties. They are scheduled to arrive today. I have resisted reading all the new catalog chatter over at SU! and am ready for the ultimate new catalog experience. The only draw-back, is if they arrive *too* early in the day for me to justify having an appletini or two as I crack open the box and savor the moment. chortle!

But, knowing my luck, Brown will not deliver until 5-6pm. Meantime, every dump truck that hauls in and out of the construction site of the new house being built next door, will have me leaping to my feet when I hear it, in anticipation of that beautiful UPS truck, only to be crushed when I look out the window. Such was my day yesterday. (insert disgruntled facial expression here)

What an odd obsession rubbah is! Who would have thought that a piece of rubber on a wooden block would cause such excitement? Such anticipation? Such absolute euphoria???????

It is truly one of the most unusual phenomenons ever–this affliction so many of us suffer from.

And, it doesn’t matter how much we already have–we always want more! Of course, I should speak for myself only, but I find it quite comical, this universal desire for more moRE MORE rubber stamps!

Even further disturbing, is the unique way in which folks become “attached” emotionally to their stamps! We worry, when we sell older used stamps to make room for new, about whether or not they are “going to a good home, where they’ll be used and loved”, and heaven forbid if a “set of stamps” is broken apart and the pieces sold off individually! Sacrilege!!!

Aaaaaah. We stampers are an interesting breed, indeed . . .

Meantime, I think I hear a truck . . . it can’t be Brown; too early yet in the day. But, still . . . just in case . . . I better go peek out the window . . . just to be sure . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)

  1. I am the same way Julie when I get a package from UPS or USPS…Its sick how rubber can excite one so so much.

  2. Don’t worry about the time of day it arrives Julie, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Enjoy your appletinis!

  3. OOOOHHHHH, I got mine today too…sure hope yours arrives soon! Some great new words and star accents, and some other cool stuff! Plus that delicious new caribbean color…yum, can’t wait ’til Saturday to order!!!

  4. They arrived about an hour ago in PA. Just finished my first draft wish list and need to take a breather :)

    I nearly knocked my son down yesterday when I raced to the door upon hearing the familiar rumble of Mr. Brown. Turns out our neighbors are now having water delivered. Stupid water.

    But all is right with the world now!

  5. You summed up this strange addiction to rubber stamps to a T! Couldn’t have said it better….. Hope u enjoy that first initial paging thru (there is nothing like it..). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new catty:)

  6. I just got mine this morning. I almost killed myself running up the cellar stairs when the doorbell rang!!! It was worse than Christmas….I couldn’t stop giggling…and I was the only one around…the UPS guy must think I’m nuts…but I don’t really care. Hope yours comes today…do you remember when we were kids and the Sears Wishbook used to come…awww the memories!!!

  7. I can’t wait to see it!

  8. I probably shouldn’t mention that I just finished looking through the new SU catalog a few times … I think my squeels nearly pierced my hubby’s ears. *grin* Some really cute additions this year! =) Enjoy!

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