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The end of a Stampin’ Up! catalog year is coming soon–a matter of days now. The Retiring Accessories List was released and I’m taking quite a hit on the punches and the patterned papers. Ouch! Stuff is disappearing so fast on that list, that it makes me dizzy trying to keep up with the updates on stock, etc.

I’m also “kinda” sad (not overly so, tho) because I’ve devoted a number of years (nearly 10) as a demonstrator, and been unsuccessful at making “a career” out of it. I suspect this may be my last year as a demonstrator. It’s been a good run, with some lows and highs, but, as my husband and I chatted about it all, it’s OK to “let go, move on” in favor of other opportunities. I learned a great deal about how to improve my instructional skills, and have made wonderful life-long friends through being a demonstrator, something I will always be most appreciative of.

On the flip side, I’m quite giddy that a new catalog is just on the horizon because, in my book, fresh new rubbah is ALWAYS cause for celebration (wink!) and I have resisted looking at all the “new SU! catty chatter” going on at Splitcoaststampers.com because I do so love surprises and I don’t want to spoil it for myself! (chortle!)

I am also happy that I’m at peace with my decision to focus on other positive opportunities that I’ve been blessed with and I’m looking forward to all the adventure that just going wherever the wind takes me will bring! (happy bouncin’ here)

My brain was on fire during the weekend; thank goodness I had a sketch pad with me so I could sketch the card ideas that kept popping into my head, while watching my daughter play in the tournament! It’s funny how ideas come at the most odd times and moments, eh?! BTW, they did awesome, for an “A” school, competing against “AAA” schools. They won 3 of their 7 games. It was quite physical, and some of our girls really took a beating!!! But, they hung in there, stayed tough, and in the long run, I think it will help them in the coming season because they were able to stand up to it and dish back what they got. They may have been beaten on the score-board, but they were definitely not beaten in spirit, and determination to fight all the way to the end. And, *that* is something to be proud of.

Well, it’s Monday. My arm has had a nice rest and is itching to put rubbah to ink, and then to paper! I guess I better head off to the studio, and get busy! Those ideas don’t do any good on the sketch pad! chuckle!

  1. This is a difficult decision, I’m sure. But I know you’ll continue to do great things no matter which road you travel down!

  2. I’m happy for you that you’ve made a decision that is right for YOU. Everyone should take the path that is right for them . . . but please leave us a map of where you are going! : ) Can’t lose you, Julie! You have become part of my day! The fun, creative, joyful part of my day! What talent and joy of life you share with us and inspire us all.

  3. Hi Julie:

    I’ve admired your artistry from afar (Philly to be exact) for quite sometime, both at SCS and here at your blog. I was surprised (and dare I say disheartened) that you, with all of your talent and obvious joi de vive, were not able to make a “career” as a demo. Good luck on your new ventures. Anyone who follows your work knows you have a very successful future ahead of you in the world of rubbah!!

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