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how much I enjoy appletinis? They are my favourite foo-foo drink. chortle!

Long about 4:45pm I discovered 2 boxes on my front stoop. No sounds of a truck; no doorbell rang. Mr. Brown must have walked these cases down the driveway. Prolly sneaked down, knowing I would POUNCE, had I known he was there, eh?! Chuckle!

Aaaaah. About time. So, I cleaned up my stamping space, as the kiddlings brought in these boxes and set them down in my studio. Cracked open a case, and settled down on my couch. Luckily, I had plenty of meat in the house; my hubby kindly BBQd dinner.

I’m enjoying a leisurely 2nd perusal, and this time, with appletini in hand . . . I’m sippin’ it slow, and that’s a good thing–I evidently made a very strong one! LOL! Well, after all that torture, I figure I’m entitled to a nice one. Notice how many cherries I stuck in there? Yeah, baby! Fresh new rubbah is always cause for celebration, ain’t it? Heh, heh, heh!


2 equal parts:

Smirnoff Twist of Apple Vodka
Apple Pucker (or Appletini mix, by Stirrings)

Shaken, over ice. Rim glass with appletini sugar, pour in ‘tini, garnish with maraschino cherry.

For a tasty variation, try a caramel appletini :

Same as above, but swirl caramel syrup around the inside of the glass, skip the sugars, and float a slice of green apple (cored, of course) on top.

Heaven is a well-made appletini, I do declare. Well, that AND a brand new batch of rubbah! LOL!

  1. And what a GREAT Appletini recipe it is . . . I was just enjoying some last night! ;)

  2. WOOOHOOO – new rubbah!!! And appletini’s are my FAVE!! I had my baby in May – I can drink them again – WOOHOOOO!!!!! Now – if I would only get my catties – they weren’t delivered due to inclement weather – WHAT-EVAH!!!

  3. Julie, I could not wait to see your list of fav’s from the new catalog. I can’t wait to see your new cards you make with them. I will have my Appletini, when I am looking at your new additions to SCS. Your humor brightens my days.

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