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Rather unsettling and disappointing. A recent trip to the grocery store turned up a copy of a publication I had been anxious to see. I was rather startled to see a card staring me in the face that was pretty much a knock off of a concept I had designed and shared. I had to do a double-take. Yup. Sure enough; it was too close a resemblance to the original concept for me to feel anything but “used”.

I enjoy sharing. I really, genuinely, do. And, personally, I always strive to submit works to magazines that truly reflect my own distinctive style or concepts. But, this has given me pause to reconsider just how much to share, and perhaps I need to exhibit more restraint than I have currently, for my own protection as an artist.

A friend of mine had warned me several years ago to never share any unusually distinctive concepts or designs with *anyone* until they had been safely submitted. Wise advice I see I should have heeded even more closely.

I put the publication back on the rack.

  1. Julie..once upon a time when I was nervous to submit my first item to a publication you gave me the same advice you spoke of in your blog. Its unfortunate this happened to you. I’m thinking of you and hope the situation resolves itself.

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