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All images and note card by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks by Clearsnap.

. . . but it’s not a tropical one! LOL! The days have been warm and sunny here, but luckily, not wicked hot. The glittery waves on this remind me of the sun shining on the Pacific Ocean when we’re down at the beach. The “coconuts” were made with a 1/4″ circle punch and dark brown card stock.

Unfortunately, Washington beaches are not very sandy. In fact, the ones ’round here are pretty chunky/rocky. And, swimmin’ in the Pacific? Well, it’s an ICY experience. So, I will imagine I am in Hawaii, lounging after a luau with my relatives . . . yeah–I have cousins, aunties, and uncles over there . . . the word luau reminds me of all the great Filipino food we always enjoy when we have visited. My children haven’t been there yet . . . Some day, I hope to take them to see the sugar cane plantation their grandmother, my mother, grew up on . . .

  1. Hi Julie,
    This entry totally intrigued me. You see, my husband’s family is from Hawaii and owned many plantations on the big island. I’m just wondering if *we* know each other or ((giggle-giggle)) is there any relation? Stranger things have happened! :-) Anyways, the family name is Toledo. Let me know! Thanks….

    Have a wonderful stamp-happy day!

  2. Oh my goodness…how cute. We’re going to Hawaii in a few months and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw your card. Hawaii is my most absolute favorite place in the whole wide world!

  3. Ahhhh … to be on that beach! Love the color combos and the layout of this one, Julie. And what a great touch with the raffia! Looks so very tropical. :)

  4. I love it! The coconuts and shimmery water! So fun!

  5. Whew, I was waiting for a new post and card!!! Where you are sounds lovely, and Hawaii sounds even warmer!!! hehe Sure hope you get to go there with the children some time…I’m sure they would LOVE it; and what great scrapbooking opportunities you would have! Oh, yeah!!!
    Hope you are having a GREAT week :)

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