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Yes, I am tinkering. I tried to switch the layout, moving everything to the right. But, a left-handed friend said she likes it better all on the left. chuckle! So, back to the left.

Meantime, I am buried under a lotta rubbah, ink and paaaaaaypaaaah in my studio right now. It’ll be worth it all. By tonight, I will have mass-produced over 350+ cards in a matter of days. It’s been a looooooong time, since I’ve done that . . . it’s kinda fun to look at ‘em all en masse. I should take a picture. Mebbe I will. chuckle!

  1. So, how’s the tendenitis holding out? That’s ALOTTA stampin’ Julie! WOW!

  2. omgosh…thazalotta cards!

    I made some and put them on my blog too, so while you are taking a break, pop on over!!

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