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after several days of stamping, and several until 2 a.m., and 352 cards later, I discovered:

#1. I need new glasses. Mine are now 3 years old. I completely quit wearing my contact lenses about 2 years ago due to dry eye issues. But, now I *need* NEW specs. Prolly bifocals . . .

#2. Why come bifocals? I had to keep allowing the specs to slip down my nose, or remove them altogether to SEE what I was doing on some of the detail work.

This was really not so bad, until I got up and left my studio in search of food & water . . . D’OH!!!!!

Major blur goin’. Sheesh.

#3. Tendonitis can become *seriously* aggravated during such a pro-longed stamping episode; I had to grip my right wrist (inflicted arm) with my left hand to steady and control it while coloring by the time I had gotten 3/4′s of the way through the whole she-bang.

I took a photo the next morning of all these cards, before rushing out the door to catch the ferry 40 minutes south of here. Funny how 352 cards *sounds* like a lotta cards, but, when you put the piles out and snap the shot, it doesn’t LOOK like a mucha. LOL!

Anyhoo, while I am anxious to show this en masse shot, I hafta wait until A*Muse*A*Palooza actually begins . . . and if you’ve signed up for any of the A*Muse*A*Palooza classes at the participating stores, you’ll actually get to see the prototype samples up close and personal. I’ll post the photo soon as I get the official thumbs up. Scout’s honor!

Meantime, I was afraid if I tried to ship them down to Seattle, they’d get lost or delayed–I hate risking things like that, so, there was nothing for it, but to hand-deliver this cargo. So, I made a bee-line for the ferry, missed the 1st one due to heavy traffic, and had to wait for the 2nd.

Lunch with Linda was SPENDIFEROUS! Good times, good times, always! Oooooh, and good EATS!!! I had the most delicious something-or-other Mediterranean thingy I couldn’t pronounce, but DANG!!!! Fresh mozzarella, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, fresh basil, roma tomatoes, grilled on flat-bread, and the most AMAZING gourmet fries EVER!!!! OK, I gotta figure out how to make that!!! Aaaand, I’ve never eaten in a place where they roll up the door from the sidewalk and you just walk right in like that. *Uber* cool!

The gang at the shoppe are bustin’ their tails packin’ and shippin’, and I was gaping over all the goody bags filled with fun stuff, and and it was fun to see the progress being made on the shoppe–crown molding! I dunno who else gets excited about crown molding, but I do! I know, I’m weird that way. ROTFL!

I have a weekend of basketball tournament games to go watch my daughter play in; it’ll give my arm time to freshen up/rest, and be ready for rubbaaaaah again come Monday. chuckle!

  1. Woohoo! I’m going to get to see an original Juliehrr design in person. I’ll be at the Amuse-A-Palooza wine and cheese open house at the Ink Spot in Kirkwood, MO (St. Louis)on 7/13. I can’t wait. I bet your cards are even more lovely (if that’s possible) in person.

  2. WOW! 352 cards. Oh my. I wished I lived closed to one of the stores that is hosting A-Muse-a-palooza. I think the closest is 5+ hrs away. I’ve at least in my possession, a *lime* shirt and a button from A-Muse-a-palooza. This makes me *happy*.

  3. 352 cards! Yowsa! Congrats on getting them done & delivered!

    I am a year or two ahead of you, got me some PROGRESSIVE bifocals (the NO LINE bifocals) last fall…I recommend them highly.

  4. jeeeeaaallllouuuuusssss!!!

    Hey, we are going camping at Deception Pass this weekend…how close will we be to you??

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