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. . . is a virtue.

Sadly, I was not blessed with it.

At 3:30pm, I have now had to resort to GROCERY SHOPPING, one of the things I most despise doing, in order to keep from goin’ off the deep end . . .

To top it off, I saw THREE different UPS trucks around town on my way to the store. Ya’ know how your knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel *really* hard??????

And, you try to remain calm, stable. Breathe. Stay on task. Do the shopping. Drive home carefully, so as not to get a speeding ticket. And, as you pull down the driveway, you can very obviously see NOTHING at your front stoop?????


Wicked, wicked cruel.

  1. I was spared the waiting as I had to go to work, I had DD call me if/when the catalogs arrived, buzzed home at lunch time for my new catty fix – aaaaah! Hope yours arrive SOON!

  2. Ha ha ha, I know what you mean about UPS trucks! Oh and there’s a guy down the street with a big diesel pickup and it always fools me! And then there’s the times when the UPS guy doesn’t ring the bell, argh!

  3. any luck yet? I’m pulling for you to get it today!

  4. I’ve got mine…I know there’s one thing in there you’re just going to *love*. :O

  5. LOL I wasn’t blessed with that virtue either! :) Just got off the phone from leaving a message for my demonstrator wondering if the new catalogs had come in yet…I can’t believe it’s taking so long! I wanna see it! I wanna see it! I can’t stand it any more!!! Auuughhhhh! *kaboom!* (<—- that was me imploding from the anticipation…) :) I can’t wait!

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