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All images and papers by A Muse Art Stamps

After I created that slide show, the SONG I chose inspired this design! I was literally bouncin’ not only to the music, but to the end result–it turned out exactly as it was in my head as I was rockin’ out to the song, UKWIM?

Now, somebody asked who sings this version, and it’s Aly & AJ. It has also been recorded by a few different folks, like Katrina & The Waves, too.

  1. Oooh, Julie, this card is SO perfect! I love absolutely everything about it! The yellow looks really neat! Your designs always rock :D


  2. You NEVER cease to amaze me girl. This card rocks the house. I just can’t get over your talent. I don’t have sound on my dinosaur puter. Everything you make is so great Julie.

  3. Perfect! Love how her feet so perfectly fit the sun!

  4. Julie! What a great card! It is perfect for your song! I always Love your art and a song to boot…what could be better!

  5. juile! That is SO COOL! I thought of the song right away when I saw this card!! Awesome!

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