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Yes, that gracious lady I’ve got my arm wrapped around is Carol Duvall, the Queen of Crafts.  I had a chance to meet her this weekend at CHA in Chicago.  Let me tell you, she is every bit as genuine and delightful in person as we all know her on TV.

Carol is my Crafting Hero for many reasons–she appreciates ALL forms of crafts, and well, she just has the most genuine and warm personality ever.  I have long dreamed of meeting her in person, and figured I never ever would have such an opportunity.

She was standing near me, and when I turned and realized who this person a few feet away from me was, I ’bout fell down dead!  Of course, I became a blubbering idiot, words babbling out of my mouth, asking to shake her hand. (insert scarlet cheeks here)  And, she stood there graciously, smiling, charming, and exactly as I imagined she would be.

Petaloo had arranged to have Carol appear for photo ops and signings, and, even tho I’d met her an hour prior, I just had to stand in line to get a photo with her. I am still goosebumpy over this!  What an incredible, incredible lady!

I had the chance to meet a few other folks in person that also made this trip so special:

Shari Carroll and Lisa Spangler, designers for Hero Arts!  I have admired these two artists, whose blogs are listed over here to the left in the side-bar menu, tremendously (understatement), so meeting them in person was a ginormous thrill for me.  I am now kicking myself that after chatting with these two very special gals,  I didn’t get a photo with them.  ARGH!!!

Shari’s book, Layers: Inspired Collage for Paper Projects with Meaning is now available and I got to drool over it.  Fans of Shari’s work will really enjoy these fabulous projects!  I’m so excited I must go shopping for it ASAP.   Just beautiful stuff!


Yet another delightful individual I got to meet in person:  Jessica Witty, whom many know over at Splitcoaststampers.  Jessica designs for Paper Salon, and was workin’ the show over at their booth.  Jessica and I stumbled into each other at the airport, where it was hot and we were both tired from a long day of traveling!  I could not have been more tickled to see her friendly face, and beautiful smile–couldn’t help huggin’ her to death right there on the sidewalk!  We sat and chatted while she ate lunch the next day–Jessica is FUN and I enjoyed getting to know her better immensely!!! 

I just feel tremendously lucky to have met these wonderful people in person and had to gush a wee bit.  OK, mebbe a LOT, but seriously, it just made the whole trip an awesome experience and memory for me.

So, I guess you’d like to see a bit of what I spied?  Well, I tell ya’, my photography was horrid because the lighting in most places in there made it nearly impossible to get really great shots, but here’s a few things that turned out decent, that I was able to Photoshop on the plane ride home!  Ü



Bazzill Chip Toppers.  I just love how colorful these things are!  I dunno that one really *needs* the chips themselves as the card stock they are printed in is fairly nice and sturdy?  But, I think they’re cool in that they make quick accents and are just fun in design.  They come all die cut and are self-adhesive–great convenience!


Well, I happen to love Doodlebug stuff–their sequins, and buttons, and whatnot.  I swear they must have THE most incredible paper engineers workin’ there.  I mean, look at this thing?! I WANT ONE!!!  Doodlebug always makes me happy–so cheerful and bright, and just downright fun!  I’m sure these clever displays will be featured in upcoming magazine ads, if not already, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  It’s like a miniature world and I wanna move into that house and spook it up!  chuckle!


Heidi Grace.  I love her soft take on using the color red–and maribou trim?  GET OUT!!!  She’s got even more of those delectable pins I fell in love with at CHA Winter; I *must* get my hands on these.  I am hoarding the ones I finally found, but geeze, can a girl ever have too many?  NOPE!!! (wink!)



Mimi.  OK.  So, I want all things Mimi.  What can I say. But, this tote above, is new.  It is designed for digi-scrappers and holds their laptop, with a nice fabric lining and oodles of pockets for stowing power cords, digital camera, discs, and well, everything.  I SOOOOOOO needed this thing on this trip.  Even if you don’t digi scrap, any professional who takes her ‘putah with on the road could use this thing.  I *must* possess it.  It’s gonna be a present to me from me!  Mimi is mmm mmmmm good!


Yes.  Primas.  I don’t w anna put these on a project.  I wanna WEAR ‘em on my lapel, in my hair, tucked behind my ear!  I think I stood gaping at their beauty for well over 5 minutes, before I could budge from that spot to look at anything else.  I have no idea if they’re "new", but I really don’t care:  they are GAAAAAAAAAW-JUS and worthy of serious drooling.



Many companies are sporting glitterfied chipboard alpha letters.  They are dazzling.  They are so girlie and pur-dee!!! This dresser display, by K & Co., was befitting of a princess, and I just wanted to stand there all day and stare at it.  They  came out with a new line, called Kazoo Kids.  Fun vintage nostalgic childhood toy themes, etc.  Heck, they were even giving away kazoos, too, which I thought was cute.  But, it was this display that really knocked my socks off.


Provo debuted a new die cutting machine, called the Cuttlebug. Non-electric, roller system, similar to  Ellison’s Big Shot, but slightly smaller in size.  I was intrigued by the dry/pressure embossing plates they have for this system, which is designed to work interactively with their die cuts, as well.

Well, that’s the scoop for now.  There’s more, but I’m workin’ on a little project. (wink!)  If I dish about it all now, I won’t have anything to write about later, now will I?  chuckle!

  1. hi hi:)
    u saw such cool things eee! How much was the mimi tote its to die for!!

  2. That Mimi bag is SO TOTALLY YOU! You need to have it.

  3. Wow Julie! You are so lucky.. thanks for sharing all those great “finds”!! Can’t wait to get my paws on some of that stuff. P.S. You are so cute in that pic with Carol, and I love that shirt you are wearing. Think I will go make a card with those colors!

  4. Oooooooooo!!! That’s enough good stuff to have me dreaming about them until they come out!!

    What a blast to get to meet Carol Duvall, along with all the others!

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me!! ;^)

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