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The cover of “The Great Book” (chuckle!) is reminiscent of the Melissa Francis style–a clean shabby chic. Romantic, nostalgic, vintage. Of course, it is all available for viewing at SU!’s site now, so I won’t waste time describing it any further.

Overall consensus: Woe the wallet!

I covet *many* of the new stamps muchly. Yikes!

The Level 1 Hostess sets are wonderfully varied in style and the featured Simply Scrappin’ Kit, Friends & Flowers, (even tho I don’t scrap!!!) is 1st on my list to acquire–it is ADORABLE and I can imagine pumpin’ out a ton of cards with it, due to all the versatile elements it contains! It’s an IMH (Initial Must-Have) Another IMH would be Tags So Much–hurray that the tag punch from last year made the cut! Aaaaaand, the new Label Punch Kit??? Holy mackeroly! Divine!!!

I rarely ever purchase holiday/Christmas stamp sets, BUT, Peaceful Wishes is STUNNING and will make amazingly gorgeous non-holiday cards throughout the year. IMH.

The Snowflake Spot is delightfully dotty and FUN!!!

Eat cake has such a contemporary feel–I like it a lot. It’s on my list.

Voil√°–Ok, he is just too too funny and I ADORE the fact that you can load the different items on his serving tray–especially the WINE & CHEESE!!!! Woo hooooooooo!!!!

Fairy Tale Wedding is a small set, but I adore the art style of the delicate double-sketched lines!!!

Wishing You the Best–I always purchase the RMHC set, to support a great cause, but this thing is so charming and easy to work with–It’s right up my alley in art style and I envision many cute things being done with these sweet simple images! IMH!!!

Stampin’ Fun for Everyone–I am almost always a sucker for images that promote “the addiction”, and this kitschy style just caught my eye; “Nifty stamps” indeed!!!

Living Large–GREAT new art style–I love clean crisp fine detail lines, combined with open expanses that make it easier to color. Definitely on the list!!! I wish they had applied this same art style to Time with You–I *love* this concept for a set and I’ve been literally begging for one like this, but I don’t like the style of the line-art used for it. Mebbe it will grow on me as time goes by . . . ?

Everything on page 89 is beautifully executed. Artfully Asian is very versatile, because while it reflects the “simplicity” of Asian style, the images aren’t restrictive to an Asian theme. I think many will enjoy stretching that set in many different ways. Close As a Memory– a mid-sized, well done sympathy set. So nice to see one like that! Watercolor Vine is just pure WOW!

I must confess to a fondness for those retro/kitschy images, so Mix & Mingle and Stay Tuned are on the wish list–they are too much FUN!!!

Take Three is definitely an IMH. So crisp, and clean!!! I *love* the look, *love* the concept, and *love* the ease with which I will use this set.

Ditto the above on Perennial Favorites!

It caught me off guard how much I liked Ladybuds. It’s definitely NOT crisp and clean in line art, but there is something about it. I haven’t yet determined IMH status or not . . . but I like it!

SEEING SPOTS!!!!! Surely you can feel the seismic action radiating out from here, no?! IMH all the way, baby!!!!!

Background Sampler, Eclectic Backgrounds, IMH!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Paisley! IMH!!!

Word Search–clever! Only draw-back, no “Get well”? At least, not that I could find . . .

Stamp of Authenticity. Hmmmmmm. I’m always wanting to buy pre-printed stuff like that, and now, I could make my own so easily! Under serious consideration!

Alphabet Stew made the list–I was wild over Alphabet Soup, so this makes me happy!

Circle of Friendship, IMH!!!! Sooooo many possibilities with this and great for all occasions!

Warm Words, IMH!!! Again, more seismic action!!!

In My Thoughts also on the list. People are always clamoring for more sentiments for the INSIDES of their cards, and this is a wonderful one!

Friendship Flowers, listed. I love the hand-written style and the sentiments are easily used over and over again. Score!

Amazing to Zany–fantastically clean font, great assortment of useful words that can be combined endlessly! It’ll be a buggah to mount, but, soooooooo worth it for all its many uses!

Typeset Upper and Lower Alphas–I use LetterPress so much, and this smaller sized, similar version, will definitely get a lot of use. I adore clean classic fonts like this!

As far as stamp sets go, those are my initial wishings. Of course, subject to change (meaning, it could increase, heaven help me!!!), based on all the beautiful creations that will be uploaded over at SCS in the coming weeks. That’s a scary thought, ain’t it???? MERCY!!!!

I’m happy to see more Simply Scrappin’ Kits, even tho I don’t scrap, and the new Designer Papers are *very* nice in selection of designs and color schemes. The two new oval punches???? Totally IMH!!!!!

More colors of eyelets, brads, and buttons = Yea!

Chipboard. I still don’t get the obsession with Chipboard, but heck, at that price, I can give it a whirl, even tho I have zero clue what I’ll do with ‘em . . .

I must confess to laughing over the “new” ribbon; not anything I haven’t already seen before out there in the market for over a year now by a variety of other companies.

As for the fibers. Well, frankly, I’m too lazy to custom dye fibers, but I’m sure many will enjoy the process??? (sheepish shrug)

The samples featured throughout are well-done this year, and thankfully, no hideous color combos like some from the past, BUT, I still wish they’d revert back to showcasing the creations of their many fabulously talented demonstrators in the catalog, like they once did. That will always be a bone of contention for me.

All in all, for my tastes, I’ll raise my glass and toast a pretty good catalog! (wink!)

  1. Thanks Julie, I loved going through the catalog with you!! Your comments brought things to my attention that I had missed going through it on my own!!

    Gail, from Salt Spring Island

  2. yep, yep, yep… you have such a keen eye. Nifty thoughts and thank you for sharing them. Cheers!

  3. Hi Jules,I love the New Book Tour and I giggle everytime you picked a stamp I like!!…;)

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