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I have spent the last few days tinkerin’/uploading to the Dirty Dozen Reunion Gallery.  Maddening, frustrating few days, and that’s an understatement.  I am flat tuckered OUT.  I didn’t get even half the ideas I had in my head for the July gallery designed, and that in itself, is frustrating.  I need some Tylenol, and tonight, I plan to have a ginormous appletini, while I happily cut and mount a very small stash of new stamp sets that arrived on Monday.  I have had no *play* time, and no play time makes Her Royal Rubberness grouchy and snarky.

Now, just for pure "cackle" effect, here’s another form of *exhaust* . . . chuckle!

All images and note card by A Muse Art Stamps.  Alpha brads by Queen & Co.; numbered eyelet charms by Making Memories.

So, the point of this was to convey "joy" flowing out the convertible’s tail pipe, in celebration of a young lady’s very special 16th birthday!  I adore daisies–they are the most cheerful flower EVER, to me, so they represent the "joy".   Is that a "deep thought" or what???!!!!  ROTFLMBO!!!!  Aaah, geeze, I crack myself!

I don’t normally upload designs that have been published in a magazine or book, but, in this situation, the publisher, The Rubber Stamper, didn’t purchase the design, so I retain the right to do with it as I wish.  I had NO idea it actually was published until some sweet friends told me.  Thanks, you guys!!! {{{{Hugs}}}}  I STILL haven’t seen it as it appears in the magazine; evidently, the complimentary copy of the issue they sent out never arrived, so they are sending me another one. Yea!  It’ll be fun to show my Mom and Dad, who save every card I’ve ever made for them.

I actually was lucky to have a second design in the same issue, and it kinda cracks me, too, so here it is:

All images, ric rac paper, and note card by A Muse Art Stamps. 3/8" Black Eyelet.  1" circle punch by EK Success.

Now, believe it or not, I used to have a tire swing JUST LIKE THIS on the apple tree out here in my front yard. But, then my daughter started swinging on it and she busted the rope.  THAT was funny!  ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!  Luckily she only bruised her ego, and not anything bodily.  chuckle!

Anyhoo, I can’t seem to resist using those larger eyelets for the tire swing–perfect fit and all, and it just added a tad more fun to the design.

They  sent back the third design, "rejected".  Waaaaaah.  The thing is, it is SO cute, even if I do say so m’self, that I was surprised they  didn’t use it for the theme they actually asked me to send it to them for, which was "cards for kids".  Go figure!  (sheepish shrug).

Boy, I am getting pretty long winded with today’s entry, aren’t I?  I’m prolly self-therapeutin’ or somethin’ after the past few days of slavin’ over the gallery.  LOL!

Here’s another A*Muse*A*Palooza Holiday Class design:

All images, red asterisk reverse paper, and note card by A Muse Art Stamps.  Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Ice Blue, and Dark Brown.  Sakura Quickie Glue Pen; Prisma Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter, transparent, multi.  EK Success circle punches in 1 and 1 1/4" sizes.  Gingham by May Arts.

OK, my family has *always* gone to the tree farm and actually tramps around out there in the mud, for hours, until finding the right tree.  But, doesn’t this "Tree Lot" image just totally grab you, along with "Got the tree" ???  Have you ever seen the movie "A Christmas Story"?  It’s a classic we watch several times during the holiday season EVERY year, and it makes me think of that.  If you haven’t ever seen it, you have GOT to rent it this coming Christmas.  Hysterical!!!!

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today; I’m hopin’ there’s enough leftover pizza from last night that I don’t hafta’ cook dinner, and can escape to the Royal Rubbah Vault for some quality stamp time . . . appletini in hand . . .

  1. Ok, I so love that tire swing stamp. You first exposed me to it months ago. I finally was able to get to an A Muse retail location and now have my very own. I need to find some larger eyelets (brad?!) for the tire. You are right, that is such a nifty fun touch! Love the gingham on this one.

    Thanks for all you do to inspire!

  2. poor Julie – you really put a LOT of work into the DD Gallery – and it is faboo!!! I am lovin the designs you made and these ones (*especially* the sweet 16 card) are awesome!!!

  3. Hey Julie – that is the most adorable card – leave it to you to put daisies comin out the tailpipe – were they sakurafied????

  4. I LOVE that tire swing. I’m going to save it, maybe even print it off just so when I need to smile I can look at it. Am I a goof – absolutely but that card really makes me smile.

    (And the Cmas Tree lot is a great image too – never saw anything like that one.)

  5. Love the Cards. They are all so Beautiful. I see in “alot” of your cards that you use an oblong shadow stamp. Is that by amuse? or by another company?

  6. I love your cards! Understated but so striking and fun! You can tell you really love making the cards.

  7. You know, you just bring delight to my day!!! I have been gone all day to the “big city” of Lincoln, to go to the stamp store (they don’t carry A Muse~for the shame) and go to an Open House. I was gone for hours, in 100+ degrees heat, and I log in and here you have beautiful things to make me smile!!! It’s a joy to read your blog, and please know that I LOVE your work! You are so awesome! That Sweet 16 card is about the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!! You deserve to be published, every issue, every magazine! tee hee! Have a great weekend…thanks for the J-O-Y!!
    P.S. I love the other 2 cards, too, of course!!!

  8. I ADORE this sweet sixteen card! Darn I picked up rubber stamper at Roberts and then put it down because I was watching the budget!!!
    The swinging tire is the bomb – reminds me of growing up in the middle of no where and making our own fun!
    Xmas card is too cute! Gosh you must have talent coming out all your pores! You are amazing!!!!!!

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