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to be working on designs for the coming Dirty Dozen gallery, but it’s hard to focus, when impending new rubbah continues to beckon. I feel rather like the sailors on ship, lured by the “sirens” of the sea . . .

Now, the beauty of making a “wish” list, is that wishes can change . . . or (cough*cough) um, er, grow (eek, did I say that???). Someone asked if *everything* on my list below was an IMH. No. Only those actually noted as IMH are intended for immediate acquisition (or as close to immediate as I can afford, Hah!). However, the list is ALWAYS subject to change, especially when IDEAS start popping into one’s head. chuckle!

Just like a great movie, and I always watch my favorite movies repeatedly, you notice things you didn’t spot the first, second, or even third times. Little hidden gems begin to work their way into your line of sight, making you sit up to say, “Hey!!!! Oooooooh!!!!”

For example, All in a Row. This under-showcased set didn’t really catch my eye on my initial pass-throughs. But, I finally spotted it, and the wheels are turning now . . . hmmmmmmm. Yes, I do believe it should be categorized as an IMH.

It finally hit me that the little3 1/8″ square envies are listed in the accessories section! YESSSSSS!!!! Aaaaaaand, I noticed those “small open end” envelopes. What an interesting size. I wonder . . .

Now, the Cutter Kit is a very cool concept. I’ve seen these by EK Success (I actually own this version), and by Tonic–nifty little gadgets that come in handy. I’m guessing SU! had these done by Tonic for them.

And, then there’s the Color Spritzer Tool. This thing attaches to your markers and, by squeezing the bulb (turkey baster lookin’ thing), it will force air onto the marker, spraying the ink onto your project, creating a nice “splatter” effect. I have tendonitis, so this tool will never make its way into my cart, and I prefer the control I can achieve with the Itty Bitty Backgrounds splatter image. Still it’s a fun gadget that I’m sure many non-tendonitis sufferers will find useful.

I am SO happy to see the Staz-On WHITE Pad! Staz-On inks ROCK for non-porous surfaces. I keep collecting all the colors they produce.

Sidebar: Something that puzzles me, is the close resemblance between Flower Fest and Mixed Bouquet. Hmmmmmmm. Why?

OK, that’s enough rambling for today; I gotta get back to the studio and STAMP!

  1. I know!! I thought the exact same thing when I looked at the new cattie – Mixed Bouquet and Flower Fest are SOO similar! It almost feels as if the latter was designed to replace the former set, and then, due to sales and requests, SU decided to go ahead and bring back Mixed Bouquet. I like both, but I think I’m going to go for the Mixed Bouquet, since you made that marvelous white card with glittered roses on it… :D
    Can’t wait to see your new creations, Julie!


  2. I noticed the similarity between MB and Flower Fest also. I ordered MB on Saturday and hope to have it soon! :) I think Flower Fest it a little more childish looking (IMO). I can’t wait to play with my new stamps!!!

  3. Ditto on the Mixed Bouquet/Flower Fest. Big hmmmmm for me too. I had already traded for Mixed Bouquet and the wheel so I am SO stoked that it’s in the catty. I see no need for Flower Fest b/c of that. If I didn’t already own it I’d still choose MB over FF. :)

  4. All in a Row is definitely going on my first order. BUT I know I will fret over how to mount it. I just prefer stamps to their own block and I will want to use those designs solo. I am going to want to custom mount one on each side of the block I just know it! Sometimes I end up happy with my custom-mount choice and other times I regret it. Have you thought about how you’ll mount it?

  5. Hi Julie…just love tuning into Trufflez every couple of days! I too have been wondering about Mixed Bouquet and Flower Fest. I figure it must be a duel to see which one sells the best (except so many of us already have MB) and the other will be axed at the end of the year. Oh well…make lots of bouquets in the meantime!

  6. I have to agree on Mixed Bouquet and Flower Fest, but I think I’ll get Mixed Bouquet just so that I can copy the card you made with your ladies! LOL! I so want to be Julie when I grow up! (Okay, I think I’m Julie’s age already, but ya know what I mean?) Love that All in a Row…that and Trimtastic have made it on to my IMH list as well.

    Julie, I bought a new fancy drink shaker and cosmo glasses from Crate and Barrel last weekend. I make a pretty mean Cosmo with a pink sugar “chic” rim, too! Can’t wait to try your recipe. If you ever make it out to St. Louis, you’ll have to pop over for a chic night…stampin’with ‘tinis while watching P & P!
    mary rose

  7. Flower Fest and Mixed Bqt…so VERY similar I wonder why to..but what I really don’t understand is why I am more drawn to Flower Fest (even though I see it is so similar to Mixed Bqt)-must be because it is more expensive.

  8. Hi Julie!

    I like All in a Row, too, and put it on my first order!

    Thanks for the Dirty Dozen reminder — I have to re-up my subscription this month :)

    Have a great day!


  9. Sigh…I hear ya! I’ve gone through the whole catalog 5 or 6 times now and the initial order list is changing almost every time.

    Originally, I was going to wait to get Amazing to Zany and A to Z Accessories, but that little tag in the accessories set is just calling my name; I can see using it a LOT…love little tiny taggies…

    BTW…I found some Appletini Jelly Beans in a metal tin and I thought of you…they have them at Linens & Things if you’ve got one in your neck of the woods.

  10. I totally agree with you on All in a Row!!! That was on my IMH the first time I saw it….I couldn’t even get to sleep last night for a looooong time because I kept “using” that set in my head! LOL! I love the distresser as well….I have one from Heidi Swapp that I have been using, but I will have to sell off some other supplies and invest in the Stampin’ Up! version so that I can demo it. There are soooo many on my IMH list (luckily I will get all of them in between my starter set and my first discounted order) and countless more on my wish list that I will have to slowly collect. Ah, to only win the lottery…. LOL! :) Have fun stampin’ today Julie! I am jealous…gotta get to typing for my job…. sigh

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