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All images by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Dark Brown; Derwent Watercolor Pencils; Dazzling Diamond Glitter by Stampin’ Up!; mini brads by Fun Expressions for OTC; Ric Rac by May Arts; Chocolate Grosgrain by Stampin’ Up!; Fabriano Mediovalis Reply Card

OK, so you already KNEW what was comin’ for that title, eh? chuckle! So, by now, I gather most folks are aware of my obsession with Fabriano Mediovalis papers, so I won’t extoll its virtues yet AGAIN. So fabulous to watercolor on . . . (OK! OK! Not another word!)

I used a Sakura Quickie Glue Pen (everybody should have 3-4 of these in their tool box, you never wanna be without one of these fabulous glue pens!) for applying the iridescent transparent glitter–I love ultra-fine glitters, but admit that this type is my all-time fave and I keep gobs of it handy, as well. It just has the perfect sparkle and if you can only have ONE glitter in your stash, that one is definitely the most versatile. It’s also known on the market as Prisma Ultrafine Multi-color Iridescent Glitter, and various other names. But, you gotta keep your eyes peeled for it–for obvious reasons, stores run out of it quickly. I think they should carry 3-4x the stock they normally would, don’t you???? (wink!)

I thought the truck deserved ice cream pink hub-caps, hence the mini brads, which fit POIFECTLY! The color scheme for this design evokes a neopolitan “flavor”–creamy, dreamy . . . and that phrase, which was one of A Muse’s holiday expressions last year, seemed to also reflect the fun for this birthday card! It was “pink-washed’, altho I had a hard time capturing that with the camera. There’s no cherry on the ice cream, but I added one with that trusty Sakura Red Glaze pen. Ice cream is always more festive with a cherry on top, yes? Yes!

My favorite ice cream? Yikes! That’s hard to narrow down, and depends on my mood. Generally, tho, the following flavors are all-time faves:

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
*Blueberry Cheesecake
*Pumpkin Pie (OMG, you have GOT to try Tillamook’s version of this, which is available usually around Halloween/Thanksgiving time only at your local grocer’s!!!)
*Pralines and Cream
*French Vanilla (especially grand with marionberry pie . . . !)

I keep ice cream in my house all year round. And, on occasion, I’ve also been known to serve “banana split” pancakes for breakfast. It covers a lot of the essential food groups: dairy, grains, fruit, etc. I try to be conscientious about healthy morning meals . . . (wink! wink!)

  1. Love that card! I just recently became a Stampin’ Up demonstrator but am new to it and love finding inspiration. You can check out my blog too because I post pics of the cards I make.

  2. I love Jamoica Almond Fudge…I’ve been real bad lately and for the past week a scoop a day…God help me!

  3. Too cute, I gotta get this stamp! I have an ice cream cone stamp that would go perfectly with it too! Enabler!!!

  4. I love this stamp…it’s actually #1 on my list because I am an ice cream fanatic. I love Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and Haagen Daaz Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Really, anything without nuts is okay with me!

  5. You are such a riot! This card is just too cute. I must get some of the FM note cards – they sure look gorgeous and seem quite versaitle.

    As far as ice cream, I truly love it all (peach is a summertime favorite). Right now I’m hooked on Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, which is only available at their stores. Absolutely FAB!! And almost as effective as stamping therapy!! Chocolate Therapy and Stamping Therapy served up on the same day – sheer heaven!!

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